Craps Games New

Craps new games, is a casino dice games, with games of chance. This is a game machine, for games of the game store. Android Games

Application to roll dice with good sound effects. High quality 3D graphics. You can roll two dice simultaneously by touching a dice button. Choose your bet, then roll the dice. See how much you earn. Realistic physic, This free version shows ads on the configuration screen. Dice gamesplay games store. Android App Store


   - Dice Roller
   - Gambling
   - Game machine
   - Sound effects
   - High quality 3D graphics.
   Realistic physics
   - Roll the dice
   - Big Win

Sling Master

Are you the sling master?

Its time to find out, test your skills in this addictive game

Pull back the slingshot and fire balls at the blocks

clear each stage to win

Super Monk

In the legend jungle, the Super Monk wanted to have a new and long adventure. Although, many difficults and obstacles would coming, he happily decided to go.
Super Monk is a monkey has many skills and magic stick !
Collect as many coin as possible to buy skill item or weapons. Also, Super Monk can pick up items on scene!
Find secrets and unlock extras to get the most out of the game.


To play you simply touch buttons to run, attack, change weapons or jump.
Super Monk can jump over your enemies to kill them and your goal run to the end. A huge saga map is coming
Download Super Monk now! It is a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!

Slots Mega Casino

Mega Casino Slots

Install and start having some Major Fun!!!

Luck is just around the corner and waiting for someone to strike it BIG!

Mega Casino Slots has been designed from the ground up to give you , our users a fun and entertaining experience with slot machine game play.

Zombie Fruit Match 3 : Puzzle legend

Zombie Fruit Match 3 is a puzzle and casual match three explosion game which is suitable for kids & adults. Swap and combine Fruit to break through hundreds of fun levels in this delicious puzzle adventure

Simply switch & connect the fruits

Zombie Fruit is free, but some optional game objects are paid

Laboratory Ball Rush Lite

Laboratory Ball Rush Lite

How far can you make it in Laboratory Ball Rush? Watch out for the flying orbs, lasers, and spikes!!!

Get PRO version on

Features in PRO version:
- No Ads
- Checkpoints
- More characters
- Ranking

Giant Attack

Giant Attack - Free now

Giant Botafuegos chases children. You'll have to run in this runner full of obstacles in which you have to flee the ferocious giant before you get stuck. Jump the stones of the road, avoid those that fall from the sky and avoid the poisonous brambles that kill you. Test your skill and show that you can beat your distance record.

This free video game is inspired by the story El Gigante Botafuegos, written by Juan Ignacio Pérez Palomares, and which Omnium Lab recreated in 2013 in a short film animated. The video game recreates the scene in which the giant chases the three children protagonists in the snowy mountain of Botafuegos.

You can choose to play the avatar of any of the three children of the short film: Tino, Luna or Leo. Download the game on your mobile or Tablet and remember ... do not let the giant catch you.

Sweet Match 3: Cake and Cookie

Switch and match the sweetiest cake and cookies in this fantastic adventure.

Enjoy the fun of eliminating Sweet Match 3: Cake and Cookie but do not need more thinking, it is a really relaxing.

Eliminate them Free!!!

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a very fun and addictive bubble shoot game!

Only the same color balloons together,when the same color balloons 3 or more than 3 series when these same color balloons will explode,
Bubble Shooter have different levels of difficulty,more props will be more challenging.

Choco Tower

Stack up the chocolate as high as you can!

Join this fun arcade game and have fun getting points!
Touch the screen to cast ounces of chocolate. Pack as many ounces as you can.

Be careful, physics is a challenge!

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